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Transportation for employees is becoming more and more a necessity in the corporate world. There are events, conferences, presentations, trainings, company social events, and other travel needs. Coach Tours has it all covered for you.

Our team will choose the perfect size bus for each particular type of trip, and pair it with a top professional driver. Time is money – efficient transportation is of utmost importance to your organization. We can have you covered throughout the year, for whatever corporate destinations you need to get your people to and from.


We know it is so important to have your company team not only arrive at their destination, but get there in comfort. Whatever they have to accomplish or attend to next will be done better if they had a comfortable ride there in a climate controlled modern charter bus. For their return trip, we ensure that the vehicle is ready and waiting and easily accessible. Your valued employess have their job to do – and so do we!

Corporate transportation at its best. Coach Tours will be there for you business – contact us, and get the bus rolling.

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